Antje Robbers

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Community College Bremen!
Community College Bremen!

The Lecturer

I'd like to say a few words about myself, just really quickly. My name is Antje and English has always been an affair of the heart for me. My passion for the English language took me abroad to the USA in 2001, where I not only got a firm hold of the language, I was also introduced to the American Way of Life, and stayed for quite some time soaking that up in Virginia/ Washington DC. There I became familiar with oddities of American life, culture and language which continue to fascinate me.  On my return to Bremen, my majors at university were clear: I studied American and German Studies with a focus on Media Studies and ended up being a teacher. Well, there are worse things in life I guess and to be perfectly honest I really love what I do for a living. My family helps me keep my work-life balance intact, and I love jogging or inline skating. In any case, the best thing in my life happened to me, when I gave birth to my two baby girls in 2015 and 2017. But, no time for small talk, join us, and let's mug up on your English!

I really look forward to working with you.